About Us

EUTRADECONTROLS is an independent consultancy focusing on EU export control and sanctions laws, including EU dual-use regime, EU sanctions and restrictive measures, and EU defence export controls, both at the EU level and the national level. We are strategically located in Brussels, the seat of EU institutions active in trade controls: the European Commission (dual-use), the EU External Action Service (sanctions/restrictive measures), the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament. With close proximity to main decision-makers in trade controls, we are able to act effectively in a cost-efficient manner.

We employ EU trade lawyers experienced in trade controls in the European Union and other jurisdictions. Our aim is to provide expert, cutting-edge, and cost-efficient advise to EU, foreign and international companies whose interests are or may be affected by EU trade controls: EU companies exporting dual-use or defence goods or operating in countries subject to EU sanctions/restrictive measures, foreign companies exporting into the EU, concerned with their ability to reexport dual-use or defence items out of the EU, or to countries subject to EU sanctions/restrictive measures.

              Rue du Trône 51          1050 Brussels          BELGIUM